FLEETGUARD LF3995 Lube filter for Truck, tractor, trailer, excavator, car

FLEETGUARD LF3995 Lube filter for Truck, tractor, trailer, excavator, car

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    OEM Number TL1009
    Replaces SAKURA C-1521
    WATSUN JX-621
    Monbow MB-JX620
    HITACHI 4285642
    ISUZU 8-97026134-2 1-13240048-0  1-13240161-1                              SUMITOMO KBP-0723 KS350-5
    Application HITACHI:EX120
    SUMITOMO:SH120 SH280 LS2800FJ
    KOBELCO:SK120-2 SK120-3 SK120-6 SK130 SK135                        KATO:HD700
    Diameter Body Diameter:108.5mm Height:162mm Thread Size:20*1.5
    Description Lube oil filter
    Mack For Truck, tractor, trailer, excavator, car
    Size OEM standard
    Features The oil filter helps remove contaminants from your car engine’s oil that can accumulate over time as the oil keeps your engine clean.
    Medium Material American HV filter paper/Customize
    Paper Material Imported from Korea, Germany etc.
    Filtration Efficiency >99.7%
    Warranty 5000-10000 miles
    Sample Available
    Annual Productivity 36000pcs per year
    Packing 1. customized
    2. neutral packing
    3. MST packing
    MOQ 100-500pcs
    Delivery Time 15-25 days

    After the oil filter is used for a certain period of time, a lot of dirt will adhere to the filter element, so the filter should be replaced regularly. Generally speaking, the oil filter and the oil should be replaced at the same time. In this way, it is beneficial to extend the service life of the engine. For frequently used cars, the oil filter should be replaced every 7500 km. Under severe conditions, such as frequent driving on dusty roads, it should be replaced every 5000 km.

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    The importance of clean motor oil

    Clean motor oil is important because if the oil were left unfiltered for a period of time, it could become saturated with tiny, hard particles that can wear surfaces in your engine. This dirty oil can wear the oil pump’s machined components and damage the bearing surfaces in the engine.

    How oil filters work
    The outside of the filter is a metal can with a sealing gasket that allows it to be tightly held against the engine’s mating surface. The base plate of the can holds the gasket and is perforated with holes around the area just inside the gasket. A central hole is threaded to mate with the oil filter assembly on the engine block. Inside the can is the filter material, most frequently made from synthetic fiber. The engine’s oil pump moves the oil directly to the filter, where it enters from the holes in the perimeter of the base plate. The dirty oil is passed (pushed under pressure) through the filter media and back through the central hole, where it re-enters the engine.


    Our product benefits:

    High-efficiency, patented stacked disc media removes sludge to protect engine components and maximize service intervals
    Venturi nozzle directs an optimized flow of oil through the high efficiency stacked disc section
    media for superior contaminant removal and cold flow ability, yielding longer engine life
    The engine receives the super-cleaned oil from the stacked disc section straight to its components where it is needed most, rather than being sent back to the oil sump


    Packaging Details:
    Neutral packing.Carton inside,wooden case outside.Or custom-made according to the request.

     Delivery Details:
    Generally,7 working days after received your payment.But if you are urgent,we can give you the best delivery time to meet your demand.

    Order Tips
    If you are not sure about the filter needed exactly,please advise its exact working environment and usage.We help you choose certain suitable filter.

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